~Ri ~Kar Katts~
"No Felines Compare"

Norwegian Forest Cats

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​Ri~Kar Katts  is a  Fort Worth, Texas, owned small cattery dedicated to the  breeding of quality  Pure Bred Norwegian Forest Cats, with temperament and looks that befit the type. Our breeding animals come from lines of European World champions, Grand International Champions, CFA champions and TICA champions.   We are FeLV, FIV,
 GSD IV.  Several of the queens have neg HCM backgrounds.
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Mattie                   Barnie
Garrin               Mallory          Raina

All of this group of kittens is sold 

 Please go to www.info@sevenstreamscymbrogi.com

Two kittens were born February 20, 2014
Group Picture April 6, 2014
Eleven Weeks
"My Dreams Come True"
The "Olympic Gold" kittens were born Feb. 20.    One is a black tortie with a bright red flame on her head (the Olympic torch), and the other is a black mackerel tabby with white.  I believe they are both girls.
                      Destiny                                                                         Aharon                                         

Are  the proud parents of three kittens born April 16, 2014

"The Blood Moon Babies"
Left To Right:    Mattie;  Barnie;  Mallory;  Garrin;  Raina
"My Dreams Come True"