​Ri~Kar Katts is a  Fort Worth, Texas, owned small cattery dedicated to the  breeding of quality  Pure Bred Norwegian Forest Cats, with temperament and looks that befit the type. Our breeding animals come from lines of European World champions, Grand International Champions, CFA champions and TICA champions.   We are  neg. FeLV, FIV, GSD IV.  Several of the queens have neg HCM backgrounds.
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QGCH Ri~Kar Katts Raina  
Fourteen Months

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Sire: Ri~Kar Katts Diamond
Dam: Wild Colour Zeta of Ri~Kar Katts
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Feb 14, 15, 2015 Raina has now received her Quadruple Grand Championship with TICA.

Dec. 14, 2014 Aharon received his Supreme Grand Championship in TICA

Ri~Kar Katts
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Norwegian Forest Cats
Raina's awards for the show year 2014-2015 South Central Region of TICA

Raina is now a Regional Winner from the South Central Region
RW QGC Ri-Kar Katts Raina/CF

She is the 2015 second best Norwegian Forest kitten of the year
She is the 2015 best Black Smoke/White Norwegian Forest of the year
She is 2015 second best Norwegian Forest cat of the year
She is 2015  Nineteenth Best Longhair Cat of the year
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She is BEST Black/Smoke Norwegian Forest of the year internationally.

My thanks to all the judges who made these awards possible,  and to this outstanding cat who has given me so much joy.

At present I have no babies,  but I do have a spayed female, tortie, very sweet and loving, lap cat that was born in Germany, is three years old.