​Ri~Kar Katts is a  Fort Worth, Texas, owned small cattery dedicated to the  breeding of quality  Pure Bred Norwegian Forest Cats, with temperament and looks that befit the type. Our breeding animals come from lines of European World champions (Germany, Netherlands and Russia) , Grand International Champions, CFA champions and TICA champions.   We are  neg. FeLV, FIV, GSD IV.  Several of the queens have neg HCM backgrounds.
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Ri~Kar Katts
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Norwegian Forest Cats
Supreme Grand Champion Aharon
Moloko (aka Mollie) Forest Myths

Two Kittens Born April 17, 2016
and Two Kittens Born April 18, 2016
Moloko Forest Myths of RiKar Katts
(From Holland)

"Old Testament Characters"
DOB March 22, 2016

Each kitten now has their own webpage.  Click on the name to see their page.
Naomi - Blue/White girl Reserved
Gideon - Red/White boy   Reserved
Ruth - Blue/White girl  Reserved
Rachael  -  Blue/Cream/White tortie girl Reserved

There were 7 kittens born to Destiny.  Of that 7 there are only two that have retained their fur as of this writing.  For some reason the vet does not know, they have lost their fur, but it will grow back.   Last year there were two that did the same thing.  A family adopted those two, (Cypress & Ashley) cared for them, and today they have full blown, beautiful Wegie coats, and you would never know that anything had been wrong with them.  The male weighs 16# and the female 9#.  Below the pictures tell the story of their journey back to full glory. Please understand that it is a heart breaking situation for a breeder to have issues such as this, and I do take a definite risk in putting this on my website;  but my whole philosophy of life is based on truth and being up front with people.  I don't want anyone to say that I didn't tell them what was going on with any kitten they may want to adopt.
Born Feb. 18, 2015 with normal hair coat and good birth weight.  Ashley, the girl, almost died.
This picture is taken one month after birth.
Picture taken June  12, 2015:  Cypress on the left, Ashley on the right
Ashley (the girl) stayed a black;  Cypress (the boy) went from the smoke color to eventually black/smoke.  He was born black..
Cypress' fur is coming in blue/smoke.
There are three compromised kittens with this same hair loss and I fully expect them to "turn around"  and begin fur growth again within a month, and then within four to five months, you will never know the difference.  If you think you would want to take a chance with one of these babies please e mail me and I will send you pictures of what the kitten looks like now.  I am not asking full price for these kittens,   but there is no health guarantee with the contract except for a death guarantee.

  • Red/White tabby boy - Hosea
  • Black Mackerel Tabby girl - Deliliah
  • Black Tortie/White girl - Rebecca

This is an e mail I got April 11, 2016 from Sally and Tony Kolodny who adopted Cypress and Ashley last year:

"We are sad to learn of your compromised five. We certainly experienced the same scenario with our two Wegies, who now have grown into gorgeous full coated totally healthy wonderfully dis positioned Wegies. We will be happy to send more pictures of our beautiful black tuxedo female and our now 19 pound black smoke tuxedo male. We stayed true to them when they were disadvantaged and we have been rewarded many times over. Sally and Tony"

Ashley and "their dog"  April 11, 2016
One Year, Two Months old
Ashley  April 11, 2016

Ashley - Girl
Just look at the picture at the very bottom.  You would never believe they were the same cat.  How beautiful she has become,  and she  isn't done yet.

Cypress - Boy    Weighs 19#  now.  April 11, 2016
This is the pair of them:  Ashley on the left,  Cypress on the right.  Cypress now weighs 19 pounds,   quite a difference from his beginning..  I am so proud of how they have turned out,  and so grateful to Sally and Tony for the wonderful care and love in opening their hearts.
Mollie & Aharon Present
"Stormy Weather" Kittens

Born April 17, 2016 and April 18, 2016
1.  "Stormy" - Black Classic Tabby with White - Boy
2.  "Fairchild" - Black Mackerel Tabby with White - Girl reserved for Trisha and Ken
3.  "Thunder" - Blue Tabby with White - Boy reserved for Jason
4.  "Lightening" - Black and White(  huge tail tip ) - Girl reserved for Katie

They each have their own web page now.   Click on the name to go to their page.

See that "bull's eye"  on Stormy's side?   This is what makes  him a "classic tabby"  as opposed to the "mackerel tabby" which has the striping such as Fairchild .