​Ri~Kar Katts is a  Fort Worth, Texas, owned small cattery dedicated to the  breeding of quality  Pure Bred Norwegian Forest Cats, with temperament and looks that befit the type. Our breeding animals come from lines of European World champions, Grand International Champions, CFA champions and TICA champions.   We are  neg. FeLV, FIV, GSD IV.  Several of the queens have neg HCM backgrounds.
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QGCH Ri~Kar Katts Raina  
Fourteen Months

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Sire: Ri~Kar Katts Diamond
Dam: Wild Colour Zeta of Ri~Kar Katts
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Feb 14, 15, 2015 Raina has now received her Quadruple Grand Championship with TICA.

Dec. 14, 2014 Aharon received his Supreme Grand Championship in TICA

Ri~Kar Katts
  SGC Aharon
  Serena has been shown in TICA with the judges being very positive with their comments about her beauty and conformation.   Serena is  spayed, has had FVRCP  and rabies vaccines. Click on her picture to go to her web page.  She is very pretty,  with the white/silver showing underneath the red;  she is very sweet, docile  and loving,  has ear tips  and a huge fluffy feather duster tail.
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February 18, 2015

There are five kittens

​​"On the Third Day God Created Trees"

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First Pictures of the "Birds"
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February 23, 2015 six babies were born.  One had to be euthanized.

"On the Fifth Day God Created Birds"

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Beginning with the three week period, the kittens will have their individual web pages.  Click on the name to go to their page.
Norwegian Forest Cats
Red Silver Classic Tabby with White

DOB  June 23,  2014
Every once in a while a "fluke"  happens with a litter of kittens.  In my first two for this year there have been 4 to have hair loss and blood abnormalities, with almost loss of life for two of them.  And then another litter had one beautiful calico with a cleft palate.   Cypress and Ashley almost died because they would not eat,  but four weeks later (now)  they are thriving and getting healthy with hair returning,  BUT  they do not look  typically like NFC.  For this reason I am offering Ashley as a "special needs"  kitten for adoption for only the deposit price of $350.00.  This is to cover blood tests  to determine whether her nutritious diet and vitamins are making a difference from the initial blood work (which had several abnormalities).    Pinyon is developing normally.  Such a mystery.  I am beginning to include pictures of her on the website.
Cypress  sold