​Ri~Kar Katts is a  Fort Worth, Texas, owned small cattery dedicated to the  breeding of quality  Pure Bred Norwegian Forest Cats, with temperament and looks that befit the type. Our breeding animals come from lines of European World champions (Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Russia) , Grand International Champions, CFA champions and TICA champions.   We are  neg. FeLV, FIV, GSD IV.  Several of the queens have neg HCM backgrounds checks.
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Ri~Kar Katts
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Norwegian Forest Cats
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Alexander           Cream/White Facial Blaze/White Legs&Feet        Boy      Reserved

Dmitry                 Cream/White Facial Blaze/White Legs & Feet      Boy       Reserved

Ivan (the Red)     Red  (no white or very little)                                  Boy       Reserved

Duchess Maria     Blue/Cream Torbie                                                Girl        Reserved

With a very saddened heart,  I  will be closing RiKar Katts Cattery.   We have been breeding, raising, homing  Norwegian Forest Cats for six years,  and unforeseen circumstances are forcing the closing of this period of my life.   To all of you who have gotten kittens and adults from us in the past,  I thank you so much,  and pray God's richest blessings upon you and your family of humans and "critters".....I've met so many sweet people over these past years;  some of you have become close friends.   Thank you for your faithfulness to care for the charges that you got from me, and may they forever give you happiness and love.   Weggies are champions for bringing that to a person or family. 

In parting I would like to say that I do have one  neutered girl  who is a beautiful bright red and white tabby,  huge girl, with gorgeous full coat, and very heavy.  She has been Aharon's companion outdoors, so  I will have to  bring  her inside to get more socialized before she  goes to a home,  but  she is very loving, and wants to be petted and loved over.​​ Her price is $275 .  (If you would like to purchase her a questionnaire will be required, and a contract.) Also I have made the decision to part with Destiny . She has been my "foundation", the "destiny" of  my cattery.  I am asking $300  for her.
​This has really been a wonderful adventure for me,  both showing and raising  this beautiful breed of cat.  I pray that they have brought  happiness and joy to those who  have purchased them. I know they have brought much joy to my life.
"Russian Royalty"
Born Oct 30, 2016​